Season 2017

The Reviews for Season 2017 Are In!

Susan Walker: Arts Blogger

On the company: Great Expectations Met
…a high standard of technical ability and an urge to advance contemporary choreography…

Future Perfect Continuous - choreography by Matjash Mrozewski; text by Anna Chatteron
The eight performers develop into characters in a flow–sometimes jumpy, sometimes smooth–of solos, duets, trios and ensemble combinations…..The choreography is simple, but not simplistic. From stillness to sudden movements, a sense of chaos on the edge of momentary stillness presides, over the music

Op Sha! - choreography by Kevin O’Day
O’Day also choreographed the show’s celebratory closer, the rollicking “Op Sha!, set to the music of The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Here the ensemble displays a well rehearsed togetherness. Each dancer’s personality comes through in whatever they are doing....The dancing is fierce and jumped-up and when the moment calls for it, the company masses into one formation, breathing as if a community was one many-splendored creature.

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Deidre Kelly: Critics at Large

Future Perfect Continuous
…moments of sly humour go a long way in ensuring that Future Perfect Continuous (a title born of a verb tense) is not preachy or didactic. The piece entertains even as it excavates feelings of unease and impotency. …a dance quivering with angst, irony and self-doubt.
Delight lies with the dancers…

Op Sha! a joyously upbeat group dance set to the Balkan-klezmer-gypsy music of Toronto’s Lemon Bucket Orkestra, It’s a swooping, swirling party piece, conceived as a communal night of dancing (and presumably drinking) that ends with a soloist wandering off into the dawn-like glow of Arun Srinivasan’s lighting design.

adjusted surrender - choreography by Kevin O’Day for dancers Johanna Bergfelt and Robert Glumbek
More complex is O’Day’s other offering, an evocative duet called adjusted surrender. Masterfully danced by ProArteDanza associate director Robert Glumbek and company member Johanna Bergfelt, the work uses costume to both reveal and conceal an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. adjusted surrender is a work of ritualized obsession which the dancers, both endowed with a powerful stage presence, turn into art.

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Kathleen Smith – NOW Magazine

With the three world premieres on ProArteDanza’s 2017 season show, artistic director Roberto Campanella is pushing the contemporary ballet company in new directions…

Future Perfect Continuous
The many intentionally awkward moments generated by the text are relieved by Mrozewski’s elegant choreography

adjusted surrender
…It intrigues from the start… The pair are mature, skilled performers who have deep reserves of artistry and life experience from which to draw. Together they build layers of meaning with every glance and gesture.

Op Sha!
is a raucous dance to a selection of music from the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, a much-loved Toronto institution…it is still fun to see this talented company get down and dirty with the earthy syncopations of a decidedly un-classical score. The dancing, as always, is outstanding.

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A final shout out to the incredible team who made Season 2017 such a success:

Future Perfect Continuous
Concept and Direction: Matjash Mrozewski
Choreography: Matjash Mrozewski and the ensemble
Text: Anna Chatterton

adjusted surrender
Choreography: Kevin O’Day
Dancers: Johanna Bergfelt and Robert Glumbek

Op Sha!
Choreography: Kevin O’Day and the ensemble
Music: The Lemon Bucket Orkestra

The Ensemble:
Taylor Bojanowski (SIP Intern), Caryn Chappell, Sasha Ludavicius, Tori Mehaffey, Anisa Tejpar*, Benjamin Landsberg, Ryan Lee, Daniel McArthur, Kelly Shaw, Christopher Valentini. Understudies: Hailey Hamblin and Eleanor van Veen.

Design and Management Team:
Costumes: Krista Dowson
Lighting: Arun Srinivasan
Production Management: Arun Srinivasan
Sound Design: Lyon Smith
Stage Management: Jennifer Lee


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